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Says on the NORRA website that Baja Bob will be at the race . Is he actually racing , if so what vehicle . 

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Here's some video from last year
Lots of OLD SCHOOL vehicles . I swear I love this shit lol

Joe Pesci?? (lol)

Team shirt will all our signatures, now hanging in Papas & Beer, La Paz

Class and overall winner 2010 & 2011

2 words bud ...... FRICKEN AWESOME !!!!

on the left is PJ, uh Rufus.....I mean Parnelli !!!!

from the RDC interview
7. Will we see the Hummer again next year at the Dakar? Multiple Hummers?

Actually Nasser’s HUMMER just got painted SPEED Orange so now we have two SPEED HUMMERS and Clyde will drive it during the Mexican 1000 later this month. I’ll be there supporting the RPM crew and I may hop in to see if I can take on my Dad in his little buggy.

you don't say?

Id like to see Baja Bob driving this buggy instead of this 1
No big difference as to what 1 but the one with the rear wing just looks cooler is all

Ya, that wing is kinda cool. Ya know what is really cool for us, ol' Betsy got a new motor from Toyota for this race. I hope to be saying XXXX to XXXX to XXXX wins?

Sweet KICK ASS BOB !!! 
Can't wait for the race hope RDC has coverage 


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