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Says on the NORRA website that Baja Bob will be at the race . Is he actually racing , if so what vehicle . 

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Heres the article :
NORRA is keeping the “old school” tradition of the Mexican 1000 and is expecting more than 100 entries for this year’s event. And in the true spirit of the race, legendary driver Walker Evans was the first to register for this year’s event. Evans will be joined by a long list of racing icons like Bob Gordon, Frank Arciero, Malcolm Smith, Mark McMillin, Larry Ragland, Michael Gaughan, Mark Post and many others. General Tire will be represented by the two-car effort of Jim Riley and Rick Johnson, both competing at this weekend’s General Tire Mint 400.
I know it would be cool if Bob and Robby drove it together 

didn't we see this a couple weeks ago? I remember now. Clyde Stacy is enter'd in a Hummer (DAKAR Hummer?)
2007 HUMMER H3

thats affirmative


From reading into this, it appears this is more of a 1000 mile traveling celebration along the Baja peninsula vs. an actual race. The stories and history that could be told by many of these races would be legendary.

They're all still RACERS you know they could be racing for a cerveza and a taco and theyde still be competitive lmao

Here we are going through tech!

looks like parker

Anyone remember the "hay hauler"?

The old girl looks good . 

Recognize any of these clowns?


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