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Started discussing this in another thread.. but I'll repost my thoughts here also.

This is just my guess on this.. Who ever they call on to replace Tony, they are just wanting someone to points race. So my question.... Would Robby go back to Nascar just to points race for someone? I'm thinking Robby would only do it if a chance to win. But....ya never know...

This is top tier equipment. I hope he can make it happen.

Bob Packras on Serius thought either Robby or Papass would be the natural fit!

Now I will agree with that.. Robby and Tony look to be similar in size.. Would mean not much modification to put Robby in there.

If this were to happen.. I will be one happy camper this weekend glued to the tv.

Hahahaha...RG might have a spare molded seat laying around ;)

Me Too !

Love to see RG back at a road course. Will it happen? We can all wish!

That would be "Must See TV"!

Wouldn't be surprised to see Bobby Labonte in the car if the team wants points but I sure would like to see RG get a shot.

Wow, this is the first time I in my memory where TOG didn't quickly get ahead of the posts to say Robby wouldn't be in the car at a particular race.

Fingers crossed.

It would be a nice way to put a book end on his NASCAR career.

Drinking SPEEd and praying...please get RG back in NASCAR

Robby in the 14 at Watkins Glen...that would be a whole new level of AWESOMENESS!


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