Was going to be cool. After checking the schedule frequently the past couple of weeks to make sure they were still running. I just checked and seen it is no longer on July 20th.

After booking rooms and changing travel plans around all summer we will still make the TORC race.
Won't be the same with out RG for my son tho...

Hope next year has a more consistent schedual.

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This is a year of growing. Being a fan I just hope it grows successfully ....
Try coming on over to Crandon . You and most importantly your son WILL LOVE IT . Its an AWESOME track , and very fan friendly . I know its a pain in the a$$ changing hotels and everything but Crandon also has camping if that helps . Hope to see ya guys there .

A day at the races beats any day doing yard work.

unless you have to work 8am to 11pm,walk on pavement all day,and your old,two days in a row,just say'n. did I mention the pay?

Correction: A day at the races beats any day doing yard work....unless you have Mike's job.

I would guess much of the schedule restructuring has to do with the finances. RG & company would have loved nothing more then to be able to do all the original scheduled stadiums events. With RG's partner Clyde Stacy dissolving his partnership with RG & SST (Per Marty Fiolka's article) http://www.race-dezert.com/home/martys-view-from-the-soap-box-takin... (Dont know if this effects Speed Energy) Robby is going to have to find more affordable ways to put events on. Stadiums are not cheap to rent! NBC TV packages are even more expensive! One or two more low turn out events could have been the end of SST. I'm guessing this is why RGM has been changing up the schedule as he has to find affordable ways to promote and organize the races.

I know my family will be at the next SST that comes to So Cal. My 3 year old daughter still talks about going to the big truck races.

Robby discovered just as Mickey Thompson did before him, stadium off-road racing just doesn't work East of the Rockies.


IMO SST needs to be a West coast series at first. Give it a few years of growing pains, establish a fan base and then add one race in a new venue in new a state.

I also think a street race with metal ramps in downtown Ensenada Mexico would be huge for SST. (Think Long Beach Grand Prix) Between RG's popularity and the love of off-road racing in Mexico that would probably be one of the biggest attended SST events ever. The challenge is how to close off the roads, control the spectators & yet sell tickets to see the event.

I can really see SST going to a soccer stadium or bull fight arena in MX . If its even 1/2 as popular as the baja races it'll be a big success .

yes ,RG is popular in Mexico he can find a spot, like MJ said Xolos soccer stadium, not sure about the bull fight arena might be to small. the Autodromo Tijuana or Rosarito is a possibility and I am sure they can find a video on youtube, Monster has had Monster trucks down in Tijuana not sure where it has been held in the past so they might just look into that too. They where looking at the river canal but not sure how the seating will work out since the walls are steep and all the drunks will be rolling down. Offroad is big south of the border with races being held almost 2 -3 times a month lately and for sure advertising will have to be creative and lanyard cost gone and diffrent entrance prices, It would be big if this dose happen. I could see people from as far as South of baja driving down to Tijuana. I heard fans showed up to a race last year where it was anounced RG was suppose to show up and pissed that he did not. If he plays his cards right with the media down there maybe holding a press confrence would work so no media feelings get hurt when they ask for an interview and I can see them spread the SST word so hope this works out

I hear ya NIKAL. I don't mean to sound so blaaa.. ya know.

I know many long and hard hours, hearts ans souls put into this. I love to follow RG and RGM because they have what it takes to make things happen when needed.

Robby is balls out

They cant keep this up for long without some big CHANGE happening very soon.....


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