Tommy Baldwin sent out a tweet saying his cars have switched to from #36 to #7.

I guess if Robby Races it will be 77?

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Thanks for stopping by Kevin, good luck today
Thinking about moving now, No more need to live in apt number 7 in house number 7.

Today at 3:30PM EST on Sirius NASCAR radio Dave Moody will be having Tommy Baldwin on to discuss his team and I'm sure the #7 will be brought up. Yesterday Dave was talking about the history of the #7 in the Baldwin family.

I'm sure Robby won't be mentioned. Would not be surprised anyway.

A number is a number, still got all my #31 diecasts, still got RG name above the door and autograph on windscreen. The #7 diecasts will be treated in the same way.

I was at the test in Charlotte today and felt a little sad that Robby won't be in that number anymore.

Yeah, but on the bright side, RG just completed his 13th race of the year today. :)

and won ;-)

Yup, and I missed it!!

I know, guys. Robby is doing all the best things for him as far as his racing career is going. I'm excited about the SST and his Dakar run. These types of races show Robby at his best with no bs.

And don't forget a championship was won

Who cares.....Go Robby!!


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