Tommy Baldwin sent out a tweet saying his cars have switched to from #36 to #7.

I guess if Robby Races it will be 77?

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TBR to get #7, pretty cool, IMO

Just think about this number's legacy of late -

Jim Smith and Jimmy Spencer


Tommy Baldwin and Blaney

That's pretty good company in terms of old school drivers and owners who show up to work in blue jeans and work boots

Don't forget Alan Kulwicki and Geoff Bodine. Both Owner/Drivers like RG.

What about Alan?

Blaney has history with that number, he ran it as 07 for JD at RCR

He also ran the #7 in 1 Cup race for Ultra Motorsports.

~from Dave Moody

I have to go re-read the rules, but since Robby only raced a handful of races last year, and not scheduled to race any this year, I dont think he had any say in who got it.

i wish I had a valid and heart felt opinion on this..instead I'll tell you something "related". Since Robby Gordon stopped running in CUP I had to listen to the idiots.......Then educate them on the framework of SST, the BITD racing, The DAKAR.ETC this. So this is what I'm going to say when I hear "hey what happened to the 7........?" Robby got 3 million for that number, a garage, a hauler, a gallon of pineapple juice, a piston from a Locomotive (yes thats worth more than all the other shit) and Baldwin racing is supplying a chassis for SEARS POINT ..........then just to show my hand of sarcasm i'll finish it all off with a chest slap ( real hard I hope don;t hurt her) and the word BUCKO' then I can have the rest of the week off from "all that"

Micheal, I read your posts every time. Sometimes I scratch my as though there's an inside joke I'm not privy to, other times I've blown a snot bubble and my wife looks at me like I'm drinking behind her back (another story for another day) and this is one of those stories! BRAVO...keep it up & keep me guessing on the next soap radio!

I'd rather see the 7 go to Tommy Baldwin instead of that 12yr. old boy named Danica.

Exactly! Me too. I can't stand her and she lives here in Scottsdale. She hit the big-time so now she's filed for a divorce so she can go suck some NASCAR cock. Not that I wouldn't bang her. Bukake


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