Tommy Baldwin sent out a tweet saying his cars have switched to from #36 to #7.

I guess if Robby Races it will be 77?

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Probably sold it to help fund DAKAR. Good choice, in my opinion.

Per Jayski ---
Tommy Baldwin Racing is paying homage to its heritage with the announcement that Dave Blaney will drive the #7 Chevrolet SS in the NASCAR Sprint Cup Series starting at the season-opening Daytona 500. The number is a tribute to team owner Tommy Baldwin,Jr.'s late father, Tom Baldwin, Sr., who was a beloved NASCAR Modified driver, and sported the number 7NY throughout his career. Working on his father's cars is how Baldwin got his start in racing, and ultimately led him into NASCAR's elite series. "It is a very special moment today to announce the number 7 on our Chevrolet SS. The number has been in the Baldwin family for a long time and it is going to be pretty special to carry on that legacy in the NASCAR Sprint Cup Series." Based in Mooresville, N.C., TBR will compete in the NSCS in 2013 with NASCAR veteran Dave Blaney driving the #7 Chevy SS.(140 Buzz / TBR PR)(1-17-2013)

NASCAR owns the numbers, teams take out a yearly lease on them. If Robby didn't file the paperwork to lease the number for the 2013 season by the right time then any other team could apply to lease that number. If RGM did lease the number for 2013, then they could transfer (sell) the lease (per NASCAR approval). NASCAR can also randomly move any number it wants as well as approve or deny any number leases for whatever reasons they want.

TBR could also be #107 or #207 in which they would be allowed to run it as #7 as long as RGM (or whoever would own the lease on the #7) doesn't show up. If the lease holder of the actual #7 would show up then the #107 would have to run as the #07 (or any other unoccupied number).

Better to have the #7 go to a team who very long history in the sport and to a driver Dave Blaney whom is quite talented.

At least it is going to a deserving team. Sad to see it go, but better than that onther person getting it.

Going to throw this out there. Perhaps RG was cool with it.

thats exactly it, I mean his main focus is SST now, i dont think anyone is going to lose sleep over it

And is the only way i see it as well TOG.

I was thinking the same thing TOG. I believe RG woud have totally respected the family history within the sport and the number associated to the family history.

I think he was not only cool with it, but gave them his blessing. Sorta like your ex, shake the ex's new beau and say congratulations, smile , then turn and bust out laughing! It would have cost a ton to race, 6000000000 tons to be competitive!

That's ABSOLUTLY perfect bud lmao

might wait to see an entry form. it's probably 107 and can be numbered 7 as long as RGM isn't there


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