Its starting to look as if the new TOYO R/T could be the TOYO sponsored teams tire of choice.
Ive always felt the M/t was too open of a tread design for hard packed surfaces such as WRC rally type tight twisty style of roads or high speed corners compared to a more closed tread, (more rubber contact) hitting the road for overall grip. The Open Country A/T doesnt offer enough forward bite in the deep stuff which is better suited for the M/T. So the obviious choice for teams would be to go with the new R/T. The R/T has awesome scalloped outer lugs allowing great grip in the deep stuff,and the failry open tread design in the center promotes forward bite and more rubber contact with the racing surface.
I have the old style Open Country A/T. Its been a great tire for rain, asphalt, hard packed powerline roads,light snow, and pre-running especially when I air down. Their only disadvantage has been when I needed the extra "bite" of what a M/T would offer. My personal needs dont require a M/T, but rather a more aggressive A/T, and the new R/T is right up my alley. In closing, Getting the rubber compound right is something TOYO has hit spot on. Their tires work on and off road. More rubber on the road = better forward bite and more grip. Thanks for reading my story!

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Great write up bro . Maybe you should post it on the Toyo website too .


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