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After losing our very close and loved pet, got a new fiesty puppy. Wife and i tryig to pick out a name, wife came up with Cisco, me not liking it says lets rethink. Then wife out of the clear blue says aint no way it's gonna be "Robby"----kinda like it my ownself----any thoughts.........

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We have a Robby, a Gordy, and a Dakar. Dakar is usually called Dak--dumb ass kid. lol.

Whats Robby like?

Are those pet dogs or kids?..joke

How bout SPEEDer or SPEEDy lol 

Like it but other half aint into it, still open for two more weeks till we get little fiesty guy, only 6 weeks old now....kinda like robby, fetch this robby don't sound right though.........

How bout Coco as a tribute to Coco's Corner and Coco himself don't tell the better half why just suggest the name I have a feeling anything having to do with racing or Robby will get voted down but if you can sneak it by her well ...........lmao good luck bud 

Well...I have two ...Emmitt and Pippa......

But I think they think their names are God&^%it and Mother &*cker....

Good luck with the new pup!

Thats funny, last dog thought his name was Piece of s**t , real good pet though...

TRUGGY is kinda cool for a dog....

What did you finally name your new pup? He/she is really cute - we can't have pets in our apt. complex. Don't forget Robby's nick name was "Flash" Gordon - Flash is a great name for a speedy little dog. Joan

Paco, don't really know where that came from. Wife was thinking cisco and next think I know it's Paco, now the house breaking is the big problem, but patience should win out---I hope, oh he be a he, so far a really good pup and thanks for asking...........Would put up new pic but can't figure out how to do it with new lap top, maybe latter...



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