We are on the East Coast in Delaware. For some reason the scheduled broadcast of the Long Beach an Detroit SST races on NBC Sports didn't occur and in their place NBC transmitted Lucas Power Boat racing. Did anyone else encounter the same problem?

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Stadium SUPER Trucks (@SSuperTrucks)
9/22/15, 8:25 PM
The SST races will now be televised on the @CBSSports Network, starting on Sept. 23rd with the @ToyotaGPLB , 7pm/et pic.twitter.com/lAcyKYg164

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Thanks for the update MJ. I passed the word around.

Bummer, My Sports package gets NBCSN but not CBSSN.

No prob guys that sux coop what you got , we got direct tv and get both .

CBS Sport under the heading Off Road Racing has two more hours of SST's. 10-8, 8pm EDT we have Toronto and on 10-14, 7pm EDT we have Las Vegas. Hope they cover more races.


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