Nasser Al-Attiyah has pulled out of this year's Dakar Rally due to mechanical failure, dashing his dreams of another title in the celebrated race, his team announced on Tuesday.

Al-Attiyah, 42, and his co-driver Lucas Cruz had been pushing for the overall lead of the race until repeated break-downs on the 851km stage nine between Tucuman and Cordoba in Argentina forced them to abandon. A broken water pump was to blame.

At the start of the ninth stage, Al-Attiyah was second in the overall classification for cars, just over three minutes behind Frenchman Stephane Peterhansel, who is pushing for his 11th Dakar Rally win.

The Qatari driver, who won the race in 2011 and was second in 2010, was taking part in a buggy developed over the last five months by Red Bull Motorsport.

The Red Bull Rally Team's other buggy, driven by Spain's Carlos Sainz, was withdrawn on the sixth stage, also because of mechanical problems.


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First time I have seen a water pump tear a hub off. Whoda thought that was even possible but there it is.

Do not go gentle into that good night...

Yes I read this thread...............AAahhee Deaaah carr it ............yes I want the cuban cigars You hhaaeehh are fired

Actually, I think I would have been better to have Alitaataa it the mix, cuz in racin the more the merrier? Yes ? No?

I'm also sad to see Nasser out. At least there was one car remaining to put the pressure on Peter, who with Nassers' departure can now take it easy "till the end. Rather than being pushed to the point where he might have made some mistakes of his own.


I really don't have a problem with Nasser, he's a excellent driver albeit I think he's hard on equipment. There's a time to push and a time to back off a little and save your stuff. I don't think he understands that. I also don't think he gives credit where credit is due - to Robby. Without his seat in the Hummer last year do you think he would have spawned the idea to build a 2WD buggy?

I'm miffed he got a mulligan on stage 9 that wasn't deserved. Apparently the divine power felt the same. End of story.

I second that

Nasser out again....I guess since he could not win again, he packed up and headed home. I classify that as a quitter, 2 years in a row. Just an FYI, the Hummer he was driving last year was driven as a chase vehicle the rest of the rally, so the Hummer was good to go. GAS ON RG, never give up like Nasser seems to be doing! Proud to cheer for a true competitor, not a quitter like spoiled Nasser!

the only diffrence between last year and this year is the excuse, he had a small window to try out for the Olympics and that was during Dakar, and used as an excuse the hummer,this year he forgot to pack a spare water pump since he dose not know how to repair anything. Heck I could have changed the water pump with my eyes closed and ain't a guy.

For what it's worth.....I have a buddy who is one of the techs on the Qatar with Jefferies as a subcontractor normally. His FB page says they changed the motor out before loading it on the trailer. He had a great time overall. I'm waiting to hear what he has to say when he gets back about the drivers and their expectations/demands etc.


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