Robby has always said trucks belong on the dirt any chance Robby will jump in a truck for this race? I think this would be a great place to put SST on the side of a NASCAR vehicle to help promote the SST Series.

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I read about the dirt truck race in the paper this morning and figured I might check in on the Planet to see what was being said. Funny to see alot of RG fans like me have been staying away for the same reason, NASCAR bashing. Nice to see it might come to an end and I can read some civil RG info.
It would be great to see Robby race a truck at Eldora, especially the first NASCAR race in the dirt. Next up, Daytona Beach sand oval?

No need to talk about it anymore anyway . Season is over and Robby has moved on . I just want to make it clear that I don't HATE NASCAR . Hell if you all remember I was at the All Star Race this yr . I just don't like the way it's being run . No Mike the business / politics isn't my only gripe about them but its at the root of all they do .

I'm a Jets fan,NASCAR fan & Gulp...Mets fan, so NASCAR is all I got left!

Jets Fan? Tim Tebow is NOT the answer :)

Neither is Sanchez...You know the team is a laughing stock when the iconic fan like Fireman Ed quits!! My wife said " why not change teams?" but somethings aren't possible.

I top everyone of you, I am a Kansas City Chiefs season ticket holder...........nuff said

That's worse than being a lifetime Raiders fan.

It could worse,you could be a Niner fan.....witch QB do we

You miss the whole point the Bills are the best see the NFL is fixed and we do the best job at it......We will soon be the only team leading the way that will have a hospitol/hospital bed in the owners suite..............................OOOOOOOOOOOOSsssssssssssssssssSSSSSSSSSSS I can take it.

Hell I thought i was the only Raiders fan left!

I think I top you all. I'm a Browns fan. Of course being any Cleveland sports fan is tough. I also think it would be great promotion for the SST series and Speed Energy here in Ohio. We don't have any off road stuff out here. Mostly local circle dirt tracks and asphalt tracks. It would be good exposure.

We got "DA BEARS" around here and a "SST" race in the same place-- don't get no to get to tickets to both would be great................


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