The strange AJ Allmendinger saga that broke July 7th at Daytona, just a few hours before the Daytona 400, ended just as abruptly Tuesday afternoon 73 days later, with NASCAR executives 'reinstating' the veteran racer "effective immediately."

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I think he goes back to open-wheel.

That was quick

wow...that was very quick. Seems AJ was 100% correct on his story for taking the drug. He just messed up that one time. He will get another ride, but like WJM said, probably in open wheel.

Now AJ needs a ride and number #1 a sponsor to go with it...

Wonder how Mayfield feels - he coulda gone the same path....

Way different story there....

I think Mayfield turned it into a way different story. If he had gone straight into R2R after his suspension, who knows how much better it could have turned out.

AJ was at Fontana this weekend as a guest of Penske. Penske said hed absolutely hire AJ again. So' we know the owner, now what series?

He would hire AJ if the situation was right... Id take that as sponsor money

Think thats been said already, sponsor or you don't race...........

I know this is turning it into a warm and fuzzy but I'd really like to see him get a decent ride somewhere I'm just sick and tired of watching people go down the tubes, it'd be good to see someone who fucked up get it together and succeed.


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