Rules are simple try to pick the correct order of the top 12 chase drivers at seasons end . The one with the most correct wins . In the event of a tie whoever entered 1st wins . Since I'm starting this ill be exempt from winning but will enter my pics anyway

3- Johnson
4- Jr
5- J.Gordon
6- Hamlin
7- Harvick
8- Keselowski
9- Kahne
10- Kenseth
11- Truex
12- Bowyer

Good luck to all

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Lol where's my cane

Damn it Robert only has 1 b

Dave's good with numbers , spelling not so much . Lol

mj 3
toneault 2
wjm 2
chris k 2
barb 2
dave s 1
scott c 1
deanfack 1
robbert 1
mike k 0
speedy7 0
thomas 0
david z 0
vlad 0

mj won good job bud but did u rig the nascar chase contest lol jk good job

wow mj! You beat me!! lol good job!

Check again bud I've got everything the same as you except I only have 2 correct so it goes to whoever had the highest correct driver
Nope barb rechecked it was tied tween you me WJM Chris and Tone so I took the highest finishing driver was then tied tween you and WJM you won cause you had Brad highest .

Barb is the Planet Robby NASCAR champion !!!
You win a yrs supply of laundry soap LMAO

LOL, that is thoughtful!

that would be a good prize, worth around $150.;-)

The way she does laundry it'd last about a week lol

u got johnson ,denny and truex jr



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