Rules are simple try to pick the correct order of the top 12 chase drivers at seasons end . The one with the most correct wins . In the event of a tie whoever entered 1st wins . Since I'm starting this ill be exempt from winning but will enter my pics anyway

3- Johnson
4- Jr
5- J.Gordon
6- Hamlin
7- Harvick
8- Keselowski
9- Kahne
10- Kenseth
11- Truex
12- Bowyer

Good luck to all

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All correct thanks bud and congrats you stole Barb's lucky rabbit foot lol


He snuck in while you were doing laundry

whichever f'er fly's coach..i'll go with that guy, Ok..none of em haha

I suspect JR. is the fly in the oinment.

DB I've taken the liberty of giving you honorary pics here ya go

1- Dale Jr
3- Montoya
4- Vickers
5- Waltrip
6- Wallace
7- Said
8- Martin
9- Hornish
10- Skinner
11- Wise
12- Conway

Good luck with the picks

Rad mj...Thanks bud. Conway?..Twitty

Yeah I thought you'de like those pics . As for Conway you'de probably be better off with Twitty than Kevin lol
This week it's Thomas the leader with 3 correct then MK with 2 , Vlad , Barb and Dean with 1 and the rest of us slubs with 0 lol
Lol. Darn that 48!

Thomas 4
mike k 2
barb 2
tonesault 1
deanfact 1
vlad 1
mj 0
dave s 0
wjm 0
chris k 0
scott c 0
speedy 0
david z 0
robert 0

me and robbert went from haveing 5 right to 0 right dam 48 :(


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