The Spanish pilot Nani Roma (Mini) it is very annoying for that happened in the eighth stage of the Rally Dakar, in which room concluded in spite of the fact that the organization didn't communicate him that had taken it the decision of stopping the career, for what assures that took "more risks than never" in its life "for anything."

"It was the day of going, of throwing, of taking a risk. I took more risks than never in my life, because could have left the car inside the water, but when I arrived at the end everything it changed. I am really mad. Yes, it is true that the river grew a lot, I believe that I was the last car in happening", the Catalan pilot says that doesn't understand why no helicopter warned him that the career had been neutralized or that the rivers were growing so much.

Rome has been shown very sad of the decision that took the address and has commented that he feels "harmed". "So much Nasser as Of Villiers that had made errors before these rivers, they had the luck that the river grew and he has gone them well. Those of ahead they passed without water and me that I took a risk he went to the one that has gone him worse", Spanish claims in its blog.

In spite of everything, the pilot accepts it and he wants to continue ahead. "It is a week of career and they can still pass many things. Today we have day of rest, the car is perfect, everything works very well and us also", it concludes.

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Just a little broken up there.
It sounds to me like he is pretty pissed.

Also, today at Fox Argentine, Nasser was asked about his relation with Robby and declined to answer saying only he is another driver in Dakar.

That should pretty much confirm how they feel about each other. Robby is keeping pace with all leaders, you think he could give some professional courtesy. Maybe he would say the same of all drivers though.

Or maybe he is just a putz

He took the high road and no bashing was done. I've got no problem with that....

There is a consistant error in the translation here that is important. The Spanish for "race" is carrera. The translation converts "race" to career. So it should indicate that he felt the helicopter should have notified him that they had stopped the race, and the final quote should read, "It is a week of race(ing) and they still pass many things."

right, sorry and ty mark.
I did it with a translator to be similar to the original (spanish).
Btw i saw some pics of the rivers and red flag was right

Nassar proved what a putz he was and still is in last years Dakar, Roma's pissed because he made it through ans many others didn't, mainly Nassar. Maybe if Robby pronounces his name with a French accent they'll forgive his roll over???? Naw, he is the real American Rebel! Light'em up Robby

!!!! Rebel !!!!

What a bummer. Nassir was saved by this ruling. I don't know how long he was stuck but Robby didn't get a gimme when he blew it. Oh well, keep on trucking. Nassir got a huge break. Hope he screws it up again but it's pretty unlikely.


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