For those of you who remember Mr. Mouse (my former husband) it is my sad duty to let you know that he passed away on Friday September 9th, very suddenly. He wouldn't want you to grieve, but to keep cheering for RG to maybe finally win the Dakar!

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God Speed!

+1. Very sorry to hear this.

God Speed

You know how much I love you and loved Mouse. What started out as a friend request from the RUR 'unofficial' greeter, turned into a wonderful friendship. I will always treasure the fun we had at the "House of Mouse" and all of our pursuits for autographs and souvenirs from Robby. Robby always had that look of mixed feeling when he saw our group coming. It was a cross between 'ahhh... there are some of my dedicated fans AGAIN' and 'oohhh... wonder what that crazy bunch will do next to get their hands on some swag'. I can still hear Mouse laughing as we wiped a few places clean of all the Robby promotional stuff.
May God comfort you and all those who loved him.

Sad news to hear. I'm at a loss for words.

I am sorry 'Path'......:(

Wonderful times were had by all at the House of Mouse and at the track(s). Miss seeing all of the gang and certainly miss some of the hysterical times we had in chat. (Remember the washing machine story?) Fare thee well, Mr. Mouse, you will live on in our hearts.

So much sadness. I miss those early days of Planet Robby and chatting with Mouse.

sorry to hear this thoughts and prayers with you


I'm so sorry for your loss. Thinking of you and Mr. Mouse.

So sorry to hear about Mouse. My thought and prayers for you and his family. Eric

I'm so sorry to hear this, Path. We chatted here and on previous Robby sites long before Facebook days. You were among my first virtual friends! My prayers are with you and those who loved him.


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