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What the heck is going on with the monster truck. Have'nt heard a word about it in over a month. Is it still gonna happen or what???

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Did they manage to finish building the truck parts? Haven't they posted updates about the progress?

That thing was sold many years ago.
Sold ? Wasn't it just one of Bob Chandler's Bigfoot trucks with a SPEED paint scheme ? Or is he referring to the old one that became one of the Monster Jam chassis ?

RG's m/t was RG's, Honestly , it was so long ago, and had so little meaning, I choose to not remember much about it. As for the Bigfoot association?, that really didn't work out.for the first year SST series. Ba, Bye Bob.Not worth discussing really, Just say'n

Yeah Bob has always been very close to the vest as far as the Bigfoot name that's why he isn't with monster jam cause they wanted to have the marketing rights to the Bigfoot name and he wasn't giving that up

The last thing I ever saw was the sticker on Bigfoot at the 2013 Indy 500...

I thought Brian Degan purchased it and finished building it. Could be wrong ... :)

That's what I thought RG's truck became the metal mulisha truck


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