Monster Energy takes cheap shot at Robby as they become NASCAR's new sponsor By Joe Menzer
Dec 1, 2016 at 5:50p ET
One of the buzzwords of the news conference announcing NASCAR’s new Premier Series title sponsor on Thursday in Las Vegas was “fun.”

As in the new sponsor, Monster Energy, is expected to bring more of it to NASCAR’s top national touring series.

“We’re looking forward to having some fun with it,” NASCAR chairman and CEO Brian France said of the new partnership. “By the way, we’re in the fun business. We’re racing cars, we’re crowning champions … this is where people come to have fun, right? What better brand to have associated with us than the people who understand that. So we couldn’t be more excited. ”

In the next instant, Mark Hall, the chief marketing officer of Monster, demonstrated what France was talking about – dropping a quick story about Robby Gordon, the first driver Monster sponsored in NASCAR, that brought a roar of laughter from those in attendance at the announcement.

“We’ve been in NASCAR for a while. I was thinking back on the day we got started. … It’s been nine or 10 years since Robby Gordon was our first foray (into the sport),” Hall said. “I remember it was a great day for me when Robby threw his helmet at some guy – because that was the only time he ever got on camera.

“I actually called him up and said, ‘Robby, can you do that some more?’ “

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I didn't see that as a cheap shot to Robby, but a cheap shot to the tv directors who decided what cameras show and what drivers get interviewed.

I'm with Laura on this, First, he mentioned RG at a Na$crap press'r, Second , he tells a story about how to get more press in Na$crap if your not the chosen one's.


Funny thing is , if it's the Mikey Waltrip incident I remember it was when Robby was sponsored by Jim Beam and he was wearing a RED BULL !!!! Helmet lol . They even auctioned the helmet off for charity

This red bull helm.

Its Dakar time. Nascar is just a faint memory.

From what I can see, Dakar is not happening this year. In January there is a UTV race in the Parker area..maybe see the future of Speed Energy....... (?).

future of Speed Energy, Max

great to see some old timers involved in this discussion. I have to say, other than Daytona, I didn't watch a minute of nascar this year. That series really f'd it up...nothing but vanilla drivers and the same guys winning. Dire. And the fans are talking and nobody at nascar is listening.

bummer about least once a year I get caught up with my RG buddies like Hope...

So good to hear from you! Miss you too! BUT think of all the sleep we aren't going to miss at the beginning of 2017!

Monster is going to have a tough time saving that boring series. You have the chosen teams then everyone else.
So Monster in going to encourage More fighting and whatever it takes to bring nascar back.
Id say if they cant bring Nascar back to its highlights noone will.


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