Huckberry has a little article about the MINT 400. The main article picture features Speed Energy and Lofton. But the spectacular action video shows Robby tearing it up at marker 3:25 & victory at 3:29.
There is also throwback-looking MINT 400 merch on the site as well, you need a referral or a signup to purchase from the store.

MINT 400 Article

Huckberry Referral

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@Daryl, do you have any other links that don't come up blocked? Or original source links?

Sorry about that, being a member the links don't always work when I share them. Fixed the link to the article. Thanks for the heads up Mike.

@Daryl, they still won't come up for me

I signed out of the account and tried it out. Here is a second link, it worked on different browsers. Haven't tried it on any mobile device.

Here's for mobile

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Looks to be the same link though . Awesome vid , really hope Robby runs it think its gonna be televised again this yr on MAVTV .

MJ's works, thanks

No prob bud glad I could help

Had a long talk with an old racer last night.....His wife uses the computer he does not....he bombed me with all kinds of Robby questions and for the umpteenth time he cringed at the thought of using a computer....trying to get him to atleast join us (Big Robby fan) but Mavtv he says is his only window and magazines ...gotta respect that a point. I recall my first trip up the river "NET"....she was a bright and glorious, innocent, unpolutted sorta gal. Now she's a dirty .......Anyway, no news is bad news, hope to hear some soon.

"It's true, I read it on the internet"


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