From Robby Gordon:

"I personally want to thank everyone for their thoughts and prayers during what has been the most difficult time of my life. We are truly grateful for all the love and support my family has received. That being said, I want everyone to know that the Mike's Peak Hill Climb Challenge, October 13th-16th in Baja California, Mexico, WILL GO ON as scheduled.

In honor of my father, "Baja Bob" Gordon, we will change the name of the event to " Baja Bob's Mike's Peak Ultimate Race To The Top", as he would have wanted us to keep on following our dreams and continue racing. Thank you and hope to see everyone there!"

For those wishing to attend or compete in the race, please visit

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Wouldn't surprise me to see some exceptional times from the SSTs:

Yeah saw that vid on twitter awesome as usual

Looks like Bryce is a little upset he missed out on this next year. Boy Menzies and Red Bull know how to put a video together.

Hey as long as he paid his entry fee......

RG said in interview, Bryce's time was best'd by an ATV (aka, 3 wheeler) of all things.

That seems impossible but funny.

A good old ATC 250r?

Yep, I saw it briefly on Livestream

Bryce might be miff'd that he was looking to do an event? next year. But was to slow buffalo.
Has Bryce ever 'promoted' an event?

I would imagine its more Red Bull that's pissed. I agree with Mike, Bryce (Red Bull) should have put something together. Anybody know if RG got a check ?

Does anyone have today's times??


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