I wonder if anyone else remembers this cover?

I tried to search for a pic - no joy.

It sort of makes me smile - seemed dramatic at the time....now it just seems silly.

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The day I received and read this issue was the day my Robby fandom was cemented. I don"t remember much content but the theme was clearly Robby as we perceive him here. I knew from then on that they said"last chance" to the wrong M'fer.

I don.t see the cover

So what was the promise of his youth? A NASCAR, CART, F1 or other Championship or his own independence. Childress or Penske will long be remembered not for their on track performance but rather the teams they put together. RG is still racing and has a world wide following. Give him 10 more years and a successful SST series and we may see him back as a major team owner in NASCAR or Indy Car.

"So what was the promise of his youth?" being Ford's golden boy.per the writer David Phillips


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