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a heads up to fellow planeteers .....there's pretty cool footage of MAX wheeling an SST around the course at the shop floating stream fottage I believe is on the facebook page

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Awesome as usual I'm hoping they post it on YouTube as well .

on board

It 'appears' that Max is Pulling the turn brake for both left and right turns.
How does that work??

I thought it activated both rear brakes at the same time

Here is SC on board for comparison.
Don-a cutting break is one that is wheel specific. The turning brake locks up the entire rear end.

So, no fat pedal?
If it locks up Both wheels, isn't it just a brake.
locking up both rears does nothing for turning,
Thanks Bri, we run a, cutting/turning brake in the class 1 & 10
and I'm sure there will be one in the new Spec. truck as well


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