Good luck Robby, Southern Cal has your back. Run fast hard and smart. Get it done!!!

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That's right! SoCal Baby!

WestNY too lol 

Apple Valley CA, in the house!! Bring it home safe and sound brother!!

Lets show Robby and everyone at RGM some love and support!! Sound off!!

Talking up DAKAR from Surprise AZ

From San Jose California........Go Robby and Nassar! Have a safe and successful race!

From Oregon, Good luck, best wishes and Happy New Year to Team Dakar USA! I can only say that I have a bad taste in my mouth about what has happened with RG's second F-Liner delay. Somethings very rotten here.

Vegas baby! Lets get this thing started the right way this year. Does anyone know if the hummer is 4x4 this year or are we going to see the samething as last year in stage 2?


Happy New Year from La Habra, Cal., lets get this thing started and kick some arse. GO ROBBY !!!!1

Buffalo New York behind the team but........I asked a guy if he knew about the Dakar Rally and he asked if it was a Prez Candidate making a bid, So I said sure man sure Robby for Prez Robby for Prez!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Rio De Janiero, Brazil by way of Yuma, AZ and San Diego, CA.....are following!
See you at the finish line! I'll be there!


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