Live raw video feed for SST Test runs..Wed/Thurs

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Just watched the live practice feed on the SST site . AWESOME !!!!! Love the track layout . I AM SOOOOOO FRICKEN EXCITED ! I have a feeling this is gonna be a lot bigger than people expected . GOOD LUCK TO ALL THE RACERS this wknd . And Robby CONGRATS bud you deserve it . You've worked harder than anybody .

Nicely said MJ.
Couldn't agree more.
So nervous / excited you'd think I was in the race. (kinda am)

In case you guys are watching, theres a call into the TOG desk. Sound should be up shortly.

Sounds been in and out the whole time . Still well worth watching though . But of course I'm a bit bias

sound is being an asshole. It's the encoder box. Next time it will have a dedicated audio feed

Still a good job , considering its a 1st time thing . It'll get better w practice I'm sure .

TOG, You're a rock star!!!! You kick ass with the connection you bring RG to us let alone the friends we've all made here...ALL BECAUSE OF YOU!!! Well, technology has played a tiny part...

The sand section is cool!

Monster truck going out now

What Monster truck flopped on its side. I could not tell who it was.

Oddesy Bigfoot


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