Listen up, all Robby Gordon Fans! We need to Save the Planet Robby website.

This website takes a lot of time, money, and energy for all the people that make this Robby Gordon fan site a success.
There are 11,745 members right now.
As you all know, this kind of coverage is not free to the guys that make this awesome site happen.

We get all the RG coverage we could ever want, dakar, nascar, off-road, indy, monster truck, x-games, etc. and whatever else RG will take part of in the future.

Can you imagine would we could see if every member were to give just a few bucks each year, based on the amount of members?

I would encourage everyone to show support and donate whatever you can, via the main page donate tab, to continue to make this great site a success! Every little bit helps.

Matt (@1splat)

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buenas noches, cuanto hay que pagar aproximadamente?
good night, as you have to pay about?

done. i hope i can help

Sorry I'm banned from using the cards on the Internet, so give me a day or two I'll pick up a gift card and kick down. I see it says 29% there what's the goal if you don't mind me asking.

I did my part, love this place. Let's keep it going.

Greetings from the UK, i have put my contribution in to the cause, i cannot do without PR! Good work guys!

Done thru paypal. Dakar with out the planet would be like Christmas without Santa. Keep it coming guys, dakar best time to hit up the members for some green.

Great site, it would be terrible if it was to disappear.....

Kicked in a little and hope it helps.

I don't post much, but this is hands down the best, along with the speed energy sites. I have ordered all my speed energy drinks & merchandise because of the swag panel on the main page. I have a process: Log into here when I wake up, then hit the speed energy sites ( facebook/twitter/ ) , rinse & repeat. I for one appreciate that there are ZERO google ads here. Internet is so cluttered with sites & their damn google ads. Keep up the good work. I am a fan & supporter of SPEED Energy because of this website. ( I was a big 5 hour energy supporter )

Splitting this group into two groups is a bad idea to me. It creates two classes of people and we are all fans equally I though. I'm sorry, but I think Robby Gordon should fund this site 100%. Not the members. Robby is a multi-Zillionaire and I am living on my retirement. He can afford it and I can't. My 2 cents worth.

It's not two classes, it's a group that gets a little extra (and pays for it) and a group that doesn't. Robby shouldn't have to fund this site, it's not a Robby site, it's a Robby fan site. Yes we are all equal, just some try to help more than others. I enjoy this site and want to keep it going, and if by chipping in a few bucks to do so it helps take some of the sting out of the pockets of those who have for years.
My extra 2 cents, and then some, went to The Planet. Not to be another class of fan, but so we all can be fans together. Enjoy.

I too am on a fixed income and am on my fourth rinse cycle today . Don't know how I'd start my day if not for this site . Thanks P lanet heads !


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