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Justin Lofton has SPEED Energy on his truck again this week at Dover . Right now he is running 9th on lap 30 .

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Still in points lead good steady top 5 & 10s could win it . Like old cup no chase format here lol 

Has anyone seen this on Justin's website ? You type in your name and it automatically makes an autographed pic for you to print out or use as a screensaver

By the way on this paint scheme the SPEED logo is on the tailgate and he is fastest in practice right now at Iowa

The website is

cool too see him wear a RG like helmet

Yeah i like it too . Plus i like the fact that Justin is an offroad guy too .

The Speed logo on the tailgate looks alot better than on the bed of the truck. The Speed Energy car is on the pole for the ARCA race as well. GO Team Speed Energy!

Yeah race starts at 9:00 pm eastern im watching speedcenter right now

Not to be picky but thought you hated round and round racing...........

The truck racing is the most competitive of the 3 upper tier nascar series'. I wish more people would see that...
No I don't hate it , just isn't my favorite . No matter how much NASCRAP may try and screw it up it's still racing lol . Offroad is and always will be my 1st love . I even went to Charlotte for the truck and All Star races remember . It's just the 1st race I ever went to as a kid was a stadium truck / motocross race in Toronto so it's pretty much in my blood . It wasn't a MTEG show but it was just as cool to a young kid like I was . I like all sorts of racing . Offroad , monster trucks , truck and tractor pulling , mud bog , tuff trucks , rock crawling , DIRT modifieds , NASCAR , pretty much anything you can race . ( That list is in the order of how much like it and as you can see I'm more of a truck guy than cars ) lol
I enjoy seeing your enthusiasm MJ.. following RG has opened me up to watching all sorts of racing that I probably wouldn't have followed otherwise :)
Thanks bud it's like I always say its a shame I ain't a millionaire , instead of having all the RC trucks I have they'de be real full scale trucks lol

I was just thinking that Ben, nice hat.


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