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Not sure how many Console Gamers there are here but figured I'd post this.

Just looked at the PStore and for $9.99 they have a new game up called "Jeremy McGrath's Offroad"
Trophy Trucks, Pro-Lites, Sport Buggy, Pro Buggy, Rally Car
7 Different Tracks, 6 Circuits & 1 Point to Point
1080p / 60FPS
8 player online, full stat tracking

It's a little Arcadey looking but hey for $10 it can't be that bad (haven't gotten it yet don't have the extra money this week), it's out on the PS3 now & the 360 tomorrow.

Hopefully this time next year we'll be seeing a game like this based on the Stadium Series.

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Looks like the same format that's already been done with the Baja games but still cool and for ten bucks can't be a loser . I'll have to pick one up 


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