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I hope he does race some SST, I would like to see him in one, I still think to this day he got screwed by NASCAR and his step mother

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I you believe that any Publicity is good Publicity, then Jeremy would be a plus to the series otherwise not.

I wouldn't let that crackhead behind the wheel of a kids shopping cart . Even mentioning his name on here makes me cringe !!

Mayfield would be awesome for the series. Everyone loves a comeback and I could careless about his personal business or his NASCAR days. USAC has drug testing. I hope he gets his legal issues squared away and can go racing in the SST.

Let him prove himself clean and sober somewhere else 1st then after a while then if he wants to try SST then by all means sure hop on board . What happens if he comes to SST and is found to be on drugs again ? How does that make SST look ? All I care about is Robby's and SSTs image . Let Jeremy get his publicity else where .

@MJ,It's simple,you have a clean pee test to get a USAC license.
We've talked about this subject in the past,I wouldn't judge the book from the NASCAR cover.

Bingo, He passes the USAC Tests then why not? i wish him all the luck!

I think for this first time ever, I agree with you mj.

Its a Christmas miracle lol .
In life you make choices, sometimes bad ones. Life is a constant learning process. Here is to Mayfeild being clean and sober.

I wish Jeremy the best of luck. And ditto what TOG said.

Isn't this loser still facing a bunch of felony charges? A lot of people seem to feel that once a meth head always a meth head.

I would welcome Jeremy.(no sarcasm)


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