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I hope he does race some SST, I would like to see him in one, I still think to this day he got screwed by NASCAR and his step mother

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Everyone is forgetting, most celebs admit their demons to the world then make large public displays of how they have changed before we forgive. Jeremy is still in denial. Also, Jeremeynis still facing felony charges. Why would you think this is good?

If he passes any tests, then of course let him race, but he in no way would be good for the series. People should think long and hard about what I said before they encourage that type of scenario. This is not something a family man/woman would want to bring their child too.

So Jeremy's legal troubles seem to be behind him. Before Robby left does anyone know if there were discussions with Jeremy?

If he passes the testing and his legal issues are cleared up then I wish him luck. Just hope he isn't going to go down the wrong path after getting a big chance to salvage himself.

Most recent that I read on Jayski charges reduced to misdemeanors accepting stolen property and to pay restitution of which he made a large payment a few days later.


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