Jan 16th, 2016 Dakar Rally Stage 13 Race Info & Discussion

Join in and discuss all the action from Stage 13 of the 2016 Dakar Rally. This is the final stage of the rally. Thank you all for supporting the planet, and hope to see you back next year. Robby Gordon start time: 7:02am/et,



Connection 519km | Special Stage 180km | Total 699km


Aspiring winners will certainly be those who find the 180km of the day’s special section the most difficult, designed with twisty, undulating routes, faster sandy and rocky sections… leading to significant levels of stress. For most of the others, the 699km to be covered before reaching the podium in Rosario will be a relief. To be enjoyed without moderation…

The GREEN section of the route is the connection , the RED is the Special Section of the stage.

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Modified ,both dirt and pavement racing country

nasser left us in the middle of the race but peterpecker called us a cheater, so i guess it might not matter to me but the rest of the world must be going crazy , especially all the teams in the race that have read the rule book from front to back and know what just happened

i always had a lot of respect for marc coma but he being a bike champion should of stepped up and made the call

in the motorbike #111 a 125cc two stroke completes the rally

Basically a re-post from stage 11.

Everything you are all have been saying lends to the validity of RG's statement.

He doubts you will see him back.

If he wanted to be a paid paperboy/delivery man he would have stayed with VW or taken the next interesting offer that came along.
He did not, just as he never stayed at RCR when they gave the car no one could win in, until Robby got in it, the Lowes 31 and gave it to Jeffie Burton. They offered him another ride, #30 car, but he left and did his own thing which even though it never worked out it was His Thing.
Much like starting Speed Energy on his own rather than pimping Red Bull or Monster.
He, against his own inner desire I believe, cut his losses when he seen the cards that were, also as I believe, stacked so heavily and unfairly against him he would not accomplish the standards he was capable of.
Now I believe he has once again come to the point at which he has said enough is enough because, as has been mentioned, the thrill of winning Dakar as a privateer has been lost to Corporate Scandal and BS.
Robby is a survivor and will continue to do shit his way because that is the man that he is.

You may all either not even read this because I wrote it or say I am a dick for saying it or I am an idiot but I call shit as I see it and do not say the shit I do just for approval.

I on the other hand I will continue to support RG in whatever he does in the future and life will go on.


RG doing it his way is 2 sided But I think trophy trucks and SST. Is his happy place and will stick to them from now on

Carl, I'd like to call you a dick because, well, the Planet needs the money. (just kidding!)
I think you are spot on - RG does and always has marched to his own drummer and it's one of the things I most admire about him.

RG thru 3
GORDINI 000:39:56 00:03:34

RG is in finished

Saw all those scrap body parts up in 2" pieces and autograph them an give away to your great fans that love you. Load up your S**T and come home. You are the show and the only show thar DAKAR has going. By 2018 they will be calling you to come back.

GORDINI 001:57:00 00:10:09

17th currently


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