Jan 16th, 2016 Dakar Rally Stage 13 Race Info & Discussion

Join in and discuss all the action from Stage 13 of the 2016 Dakar Rally. This is the final stage of the rally. Thank you all for supporting the planet, and hope to see you back next year. Robby Gordon start time: 7:02am/et,



Connection 519km | Special Stage 180km | Total 699km


Aspiring winners will certainly be those who find the 180km of the day’s special section the most difficult, designed with twisty, undulating routes, faster sandy and rocky sections… leading to significant levels of stress. For most of the others, the 699km to be covered before reaching the podium in Rosario will be a relief. To be enjoyed without moderation…

The GREEN section of the route is the connection , the RED is the Special Section of the stage.

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Thanks bud I'll be sure to give you credit .

Watch the Tour de France every year and you'll see mechanics adjusting bicycles while hanging out the door of the support car with the rider still on the bike. Guess what? Occasionally a rider goes down and gets seriously hurt. Hasn't stopped them from doing it.

If it was a non-team car they were doing this with, I'd be outraged, but what the team does as their course of business is their business. As they say, hindsight is 20/20. Sure, they probably should have been going slower, but they probably did this every day of of the race. Other teams are probably doing the same thing.

If Peterpecker can get gas because there was no clear rule against it, then Robby and team can do this until there is a rule against it.

On an unrelated topic, it'd be awesome to see Robby drive a cup race on a road course again.....there's no better ringer than Robby out there right now
Seeing that Marcos Ambrose has retired completely. He was VERY slow when he came back from the US. Competition here has well and truly passed him by.
I think quite a few of the current drivers would be more than competitive on US Roadcouses. Not a hypothetical, Marcos and Kurt Bush had a part time V8Supercar driver,Owen Kelly qualify their cars in Quebec and Watkins Glen and in Bush's case drive it at Road America, finishing 5th, with part of his suspension collapsing

I just want one good news. please, somebody,. tell us something positive, a positive fact.

I paid off my house for Christmas.
Awesome congrats

Did mine two years ago, makes you feel great!!

LOL, Glad for you,

Nice! And with a new roof to boot!

I just read Kenyans Reply. ;lol

Here's some more good news looks like Robby is entered for BITD Parker 425 with Kellon as codawg .


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