Jan 11th, 2013 Dakar Rally Stage 7 Race Info & Discussion

Join in and discuss all the action from Stage 7 of the 2013 Dakar Rally. Robby Gordon recorded his 2nd straight 3rd place finish in Stage 6, moving up to 23rd overall. Gordon is still down over 5 hours in the overall, but will get yet another good starting spot in an attempt to win his first stage of the rally. The cars are slated to begin the special section of stage 7 at 10:51am/et and Robby Gordon will begin his special section around 10:56am/et.  Raceday chat will be available throughout the entire 2013 Dakar Rally. Raceday chat now works on the Ipad & Iphone.

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Connection 534km | Special Stage 220km | Total 754km



The ascent of the Andes Cordillera will be in the small hours, taking all the drivers and teams in convoy for a liaison stage finishing at a record altitude of 4,975 metres, at the top of Argentina’s highest mountain pass. During the special stage, the needle of the altimeter will fluctuate between 3,400 m and 4,000 m, but the speedometer will rarely go below 100 km/h, despite the lack of power which will affect all the vehicles. Still on the subject of figures, at this time of the year and at the highest altitude, the thermometer will display an average temperature of 15 degrees. When all is said and done, the biggest difficulty will be for motorcyclists to maintain their stamina. They will be welcomed in a bivouac which has been relocated for the first part of their marathon stage.

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That's why I was happy when I raced a one-design series. Rules prohibited making any changes at all to induction or ignition system, so wasn't another factor to confuse me!! Bad enough trying to figure out suspension adjustments, or calculating fuel load required.


Pos. N° Name Make Time Variation Penalty
1 302 PETERHANSEL (CHE), COTTRET (FRA) MINI 001:26:57 00:00:00
2 315 GORDON (USA), WALCH (USA) HUMMER 001:27:39 00:00:42 00:00:00
3 300 AL-ATTIYAH (QAT), CRUZ (ESP) BUGGY 001:27:53 00:00:56 00:00:00
4 313 TERRANOVA (ARG), FIUZA (PRT) BMW 001:28:06 00:01:09 00:00:00

Nice and steady just knock off stages .

So how fast is 180k

Never mind googled 111 mph....

108 mph +/- Multiply kph times .6 to get approximate mph.

Buggy is at WP5...where's everybody else?

RG just got to WP5, 1:08 behind Petergretel, provisional 2nd place.

The split time keep changing. It's back to a 57 second gap between the Mini and the Hummer.

Another Top 3, Podium finish! Solid day.


Pos. N° Name Make Time Variation Penalty
1 302 PETERHANSEL (CHE), COTTRET (FRA) MINI 001:47:27 00:00:00
2 315 GORDON (USA), WALCH (USA) HUMMER 001:48:35 00:01:08 00:00:00
3 313 TERRANOVA (ARG), FIUZA (PRT) BMW 001:48:38 00:01:11 00:00:00
4 300 AL-ATTIYAH (QAT), CRUZ (ESP) BUGGY 001:49:23 00:01:56 00:00:00

not correct RG got 3rd

Screenshots from the live feed of the Stage 7 finish


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