Well for me I see Nascar and Robby as a love hate type of thing.
I love to see him run when he is competitive.
I hate to see him run in the back or start and park as much as I hate to see the way he is treated there.
Lets all hope all works out for SST and the rest of his offroad stuff so he can ride off with a smile on his face. We all know how bad he wants to succeed in Nascar but sometimes it just aint in the cards.
Any way you look at it I will still be a fan and support whatever it is he dicides to do on his journey to wherever it is he is going.

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Here, here! I was a fan before NASCAR and will be a fan long after. His off-road and road course racing has always been the most exciting for me. Cart had some good years, too. I am really looking forward to the SST and hoping for a stronger, renewed effort for DAKAR.


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