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TOG/Robby---Is there any possible chance of a run at Indy this year? I watched the Long Beach race yesterday and just feel that RG is owed one at Indy. John Menard---if you are out there listening---Indy owes you and RG one and it's time to cash in on it. The new bodies have more space for sponsorship decals---Menards yellow with RG wearing a very cool Speed helmut and driving a Chevy. No nascar to get in the way. Please, racing gods, make this happen some how, some way---put RG in a competitive car at Indy and give him the 500 he deserves.

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Very good and the rear wheel guard would be a big plus at high speed tracks. Just wish Robby could get into the big show.

Yes, the new car needs work. I thought the new rear wheel pods were suppose to keep the cars on the ground? Ask Graham and Marco what they think about that after Long Beach.

It would have been a lot worse without the pods. Something like Mark Webber at Valencia 2010.

Just like the COT they'll make a tweek here a tweek there then when they just get it right throw some crap engine in it and really screw it up lol 


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