2013 Team SPEED/RGM Dakar HUMMER Vehicle & Rental Program FOR SALE:

Rental Program: Includes vehicle, team, spares, equipment, entry, etc to run the 2013 Dakar Rally. Turn-key Operation. Put yourself in the driver's seat! Become teammates with Robby Gordon for the 2013 Dakar Rally and race one of the fastest cars ever to run the Dakar. Rental Program total for $1,500,000.00 USD.

Vehicle for SALE: A package to buy just the vehicle ONLY is also an option. The Dakar HUMMER that has won the 2012 Mexican 1000 and two Dakar Stages in 2012 is for sale for $1,000,000.00 USD. This is for the race vehicle ONLY - comes prepped and ready to race.

ALL SERIOUS POTENTIAL BUYERS PLEASE CONTACT 704-949-1255 or email for more information.

Time is limited on entry to the 2013 Dakar Rally but the vehicle can be bought at anytime. Please see the attached PDF presentation for more information on the 2013 Dakar Rally Rental Program.

Thank you.

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C'mon Mark with Riot Racing... 1.5M is chump change for you! I'd do it but I just took out a second mortgage to be on that list of first goer's to the moon on one of those Virgin spaceships! Bummer- should have done Dakar.
If only I could win the damn lottery . I'd buy it in a sec . Not sure if I'd race it though , I'd kinda like to use it as a show car and keep it as a Robby tribute .

If I won the lottery, I'd buy it and race it. What's another 500k to participate in the race of a lifetime, be a team-mate of RG and have a support crew to boot.

Dam, I would like to see Robby get this rented....or sold

Hope its rented...then he'll have a teammate and still have the truck after the race. If they bring it back in 1 piece..jk. Dont forget 1.5 mill in his bank account. That would be sweet.

sure would be sweet to see both the hummers running in the dakar in 2013

Could have, just missed it by 5 numbers last drawing. But I do have one question.... Does it come with spare belts?

All the people asking who the 2nd HUMMER driver is, well, it looks like it could be YOU!

That's too bad there is not a driver for the second hummer and such a short amount of time for a big multi-millionaire to discover this opportunity and go for it.

What about Alan Wilzig? Is he running the Rally or has he already checked this off his bucket list? This guy has a passion for racing, 2nd only to Robby. 1.5 mil is chump change for him. Check out this 20 minute YouTube video if you never caught the piece on TV.

Jump to the 10 minute mark in the video and he mentions the Dakar and 24 hr LeMans

What about Alan Wilzig with his passion for racing?

wow this is cool. But I hope its not a sign that robby is low on funds!

May be putting everything he has into SST. That may not leave room for much else as far as racing (offroad and track) is concerned. Just my .02


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