Looks as Danica be attempting the Daytona 500 in 2012. What number will she use? If RGM is not in the top 35 with the #7, would the number be on the market? If so what could be the asking price for the limited cup races she's planning.

Maybe a partnership/support deal to use the same cars as Tony, Ryan and Danica in 2012. There would be room for a fourth team under a SHR? Or a deal just like the 78 and RCR. Work smarter, not harder.

Keep selling Speed Energy! Gas On RGM.

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This has been talked about many times before, but since its here, Id like to talk about Danica. I have always said, shes not a great driver, shes somewhere in the average range. However, I do think she has the best equipment, and she could possibly win one of the races where the CUp guys dont show up... and possibly finish in the top 5. Look at Junior, hes now an average driver, who will probably stay with the top team for the rest of his career.

Theres a big unkown for Danica, the schedule!!!!. She could crack. She did whine about the 80 degree temperature at Montreal. Cup cars are MUCH harder to drive then INDY cars.

Only time will tell, Im going to give her the benefit of the doubt.
Ted........on Jr. I see him going back to his own team with Pop as his crew chief. Mr. H likes the $$$$ but in the end he want's his team's to be competive. I don't know what Jr's deal is I am not sure he even knows. The boy can't make adjustments...every time they go back to the same track where they can run decent goodyear sends a new tire. So Jr. has to learn how to get the feel all over again........at best he will be a avarage driver with a big name. If his name wasen't E he would have been bounced around to a start & park team by now.
I agree, the best part of the whole JR thing was the booted a future Hall of Famer for him.

Love him or hate him Kyle will be a Hall of Fame inductee one day... probably a champion too.
RG could talk with Tony to see if they can work something out with the #7. I don't believe RGM plans to run a full schedule next year, and the #77 could be run at races Danica is also racing at. Either that or put SPEED associate sponsorship on Danica's car. Something, as the #7 has a value right now.

Unless her announcement today says she's running some other number...
Associate sponsor would probably be better then cash... we all know she will get 10% of the coverage during the races.
Jr. & Danica don't have to be good drivers, they are worth their weight in gold for the merchandizing alone.
No way that's gonna happen not with AMP being on Jrs car 
Won 18 cup races man..... Nothing to sneeze at.
Robby should not sell his number, unless he's going to exit NASCAR. Why whore yourself out. Business cannot be that bad?
Danica selling speed!!!!
i dislike her but that could be a good move for speed energy but not for RGM.
Right now the #7 potentially is worth a lot of money and/or exposure. It's smart business to take advantage of that if it helps expand your own business...
Because of many peoples limited knowledge of NASCAR series, they incorrectly assume that car #'s belong to the same person in both series, that assumption could bring much needed attention to the cup series # 7 IMAO.


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