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Robby Gordon confirmed entry in the Dakar and rumor has it he will go for his last chance to grab Victory. With the mighty Hummer sold, his new truck has some big shoes to fill. At least it will not be Robby's driving skills that prevent him from the title! Robby Gordon Motorsports
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=D5zmjNLuYEk&feature=share&li... — with Toyo Tires and 7 others.

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Last chance ....what ever....lol

Doubt very much it'll be Robby's last chance at Dakar . He's been doing this too long to stop now . If anything I think this is gonna be his best chance to win it !

JR, do you have a link?
I also don't see this as Robby's last DAKAR, wouldn't he like to go back 2015 and defend the win?!
Plus he just build new equipment.

I don't know.. if Robby could sell his equipment after every Dakar for a tidy profit I would think he'd build new every year :)

Last chance.........? Could be the DAKAR itself could be last chance these fanatics with nothing better to do but screw the peace are getting rather ..............let's keep global political unrest for another day shall we. When it's in black and white and on video from the man lets keep the salt at arms length......hey I spelled it right yahoo..!

Mike it is on FB. Search for Dakarworld. They just posted today

Thank you, I seem to forget to look on FB.I'm not into the whole FB thing,my bad.

I should be less into it :)

what is he racing at Dakar?

I'm consistently amazed at the definitive language used in print. With today's technology....it's pretty easy to reference and throw back in the writer/speakers face.

Fox is doing a pretty good job of *reminding* Obama how many times he promised "you can keep your healthcare plan".

From Racer Mag in 1998: "Robby Gordon's Last Chance"

Planet Robby Thread: Robby Gordon's Last Chance

While Dakar is grueling, RG could certainly run another 10 years. (Vs. say F1 or Indycar - where there does seem to be a much lower age limit)

RG 2014 Truck being discussed on RDC with photos.

at last the herrator!


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