I noticed Baja Bob wearing an Ethanol Tshirt in one of the Dakar clips. Does anyone know when they might be on sale to the public? Or do they ever plan on selling any team like tshirts as well? Thanks.

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Just call .15. sec. you would know.

There isn't a phone # listed on their website.... I do have a phone # from an order I have received. But not too sure if they would know or not... thx for the idea. :)

Hello Kyle.
If you happen to be in Laughlin this weekend I think you can get a green one with the TT on back off the souvenir trailer.

At the time there is no plan to sell the team shirts from what I heard.

Bob had a team Trophy Truck/SCORE shirt on.

This is the shirt I was talking about.


Did you see the note I sent you?
I requested you as a friend and added a note.
Read the note and i think you will get what you are looking for.

Thanks Carl I did... Thanks... :) Drive it like you stole it...

Cool, You are welcome.

Carl thanks again for the help.... and the Speed Energy Team is Great.... I wish most places would have this kind of customer service.... Drive it like you Stole it... :)

can i get that info too or can I email them where it says contact on the website for the green shirt too, I want one

I just want a team shirt from this year. It would look good next to my Jim beam shirt from Dakar about 6 years ago. It's a little worn out now.


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