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What do you guys think about this? I'm all in.

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you should try using the sarcasm'd be more apparent that way.

Robby knows NASCAR. The costs involved, all the nuances that make a team. The new SST series is chock full of unknowns. I would think from a business standpoint NASCAR would be a better gamble (not taking anything away from SST, this is going to happen, unlike Dodge). A giant stage to promote Speed and if allowed, SST! When he stepped out of NASCAR, it was business. Face it, the guy's got cash and he's no fool. He stepped back and regrouped and has done an amazing job by doing so! I think if Dodge gave him an hour at his shop, they would be pleasantly surprised. But then again, I think they did and this is where I walk away from the camp fire because some may want to try and push me in....

Thing is though Robby knows Off-Road racing EVEN MORE than he knows nascar . Robby was born into Off-Road and has been around it since he was still in Mrs Gordon's womb . Robby doesn't need NASCAR anymore . To me it just makes more sense to concentrate on SST and run NASCAR once in a while . Plus I really still don't think Robby will have time for nascar since Robby has already stated he's gonna continue to do both Dakar and desert races . 

I'm sure he does, but driving and racing is different than being promoter of not just 1 race but a dozen. I think anyone undertaking this knows this is a huge amount of coordination of people, trucks, vendors, arenas, staff and all the rest of what it takes. I never dissed Robby or his ability, I was just think comfort zone wise would be organizing a cup team as opposed to an event across America, 40 trucks and 40 egos, 12 stadiums, this is enormous...of course, the SST is a done deal!

He's not a one man show though. It's not like Robby is going to have to micromanage every aspect of the show. Penske, Childress and Hendrick have a lot of stuff going on besides their Nascar teams and they seem to be pretty good at it. Robby is more than capable of juggling multiple investments. Dakar, Desert, Nascar, Speed, SST and whatever else he has on his plate.

I guess time will tell..I don't remember any of the mentioned starting a national series event....

See Mickey Thompson. Racer, promoter, car builder, and a bunch of other stuff we would all envy.

Roger Penske is clearly managing a lot more than a Nascar team. This is from Wiki and my point is Robby can do it too.

Business interests
Penske Racing - Team Penske (IRL), Penske South (NASCAR), Penske Motorsports (ALMS)
Penske Automotive Group (PAG:NYSE - a 40+% stake) - With 151 United States car dealerships and 101 international car dealerships, it is the second-largest dealership group in the world.
Penske Motor Group - This group owns and operates automobile dealerships in California.
Penske Truck Leasing - joint venture with GE Equipment Management
Penske Logistics - transportation logistics
VM Motori S.p.A. - This group owns a 51% stake and 49% DaimlerChrysler Group, Truck-Lite, and Davco (transportation component manufacturing).
Truck-Lite - lighting manufacturer for heavy trucks
QEK Global Solutions - a provider of integrated support services to vehicle manufacturers, tier-one suppliers, and other businesses
Davco - manufacturer of Class 8 heavy-duty, diesel-powered truck fuel/heater water separators and filter systems
Ilmor - engine builder
Deer Valley Ski Resort - part owner
Internet Brands - An early investor in CarsDirect, he has been a director since May 2000.
FER Fahrzeugelektrik - Lighting Manufacturer

He is also on the board of directors of Universal Technical Institute, a nationwide provider of technical education training for students seeking careers as professional automotive, diesel, collision repair, motorcycle and marine technicians. NASCAR Technical Institute is located in Mooresville, North Carolina.

I sure hope your right mj because that's how i see it. I mean ROBBY can try again but it's not in his DNA. How many years of trying can a guy do. It's funny were winning, the team got a plan and yet nascrap is on our minds.Just road courses and there ok at best. That's just me.

I read every word to the letter you guys write. Thanks for doing the same for me. Looking back a year plus a chunk I never figured this SST/no Cup/great product would be where it is at today. That being said, myself included we are batting about .089 as speculators. I stand by what I say and to be honest if Robby pulled some chick out of a corn field and made her a star that would be okay with me and if he drives three cup races a year until he is 60 that's okay with me and .........oh my F'n car I took the EGR valve ofline and ta F'n Da.............. If he goes national within two years and all kinds of folks are into the SST ........Dodge ???

Robby has said for awhile, he's looking for an investor, how about Gordon/Andretti Racing.



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