So I was bored this morning and was reading the official rules of this RC truck giveaway.... And it looks like Im screwed...

From the Official Rules:

Limit: one entry per person, at one location only.
Entrants will be disqualified if they submit multiple entries, including entries at more than
one location.

Well Im like on my 5th entry as we speak. The card is full with all 7 stamps and I didnt turn it in this morning because I read this. What I dont get is how im supposed to only drink 7 drinks between the start and end of this promotion on March 3rd. Doesnt make sense to me?

Well crap. Do I start over at another gas station? I dont know what I should do? Any Ideas.


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BTW I cant start over at another gas station because it says------including entries at more than
one location.

Hell if thats the case everyone on the planet that entered is SCREWED

hopefully they get so many entries that it is deemed a waste of time to go through and sort out if anyone entered more than once. What a lame condition.


glad the lady at my centennial location told me i could only submit one card... i didn't even bother to ask her about other locations...

thats funny because the guys at southern highlands didnt even know what the card was. i had to tell them what to do. one guy even looked at it, saw 3 stamps and grabbed a sharpie to start drawing an S.. i had to stop him and show him where they keep the stamp. then again, theres a new guy everytime i walk into out terribles here, so i guess i cant blame them for not knowing.

The morning shift at SH Terrible's is spot on with the promotion. They know what they are doing, other cashier shifts/crews I am not aware of as I start out every morning with two cans. In the end, just glad the 16oz cans became available for the price of 12oz.

I am four cards deep into the Traxxs Truck. Granted I was going to buy them anyway. Think I have enough 'Tabs' to either Navigate next year's Dakar or Sub as a Driver for RG in Nascar when he wants the weekend off.

Feel like next year RG needs to get into a ride for the 24 Hours of Daytona, actually enjoyed watching it this year.

agreed! morning shift at SH waaaaay better than the night shift!

Paint Chips,

Thanks for your post and update, some how we have a miscommunication and thanks for pointing it out. we will accept more than on card and you can enter at more than one location!!!! The idea is to sell more product and reward customers who buy more, so drink SPEED and enter as much as you want and enter at as many stores as you want. WE APPRECIATE the business.


Thanks for the support and if you like SPEED pass the word.

SPEED IS A LIFESTYLE, When you look at Monster or Red Bull all there promotions are built around SPEED


Thanks for clearing that up....Good Luck in Parker !

Wooooooo Rob replied to me! I wasn't gonna stop anyway! Thanks RG!

This is the first time I ever saw a post from RG. I had often wondered if he visited the PLANET. H eshould post more often.


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