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Watch the Silver State 300 interview and listen at the end . If its what I think it is I'll FLIP !!!!!

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spill it!! indy?

He said the 29th, which is the Tuesday after Memorial day.

Think he might've just got the day mixed up . My mind is literally going a 1000 mph .

hmmmmmm.....soooo it is INDY?

You know that's what I'm hoping . I'll be GLUED to the tv if so , I usually watch Indy anyway but kinda channel flip tween that and the 600 prerace stuff . If he is running it bye bye 600 stuff I ain't gonna miss a sec. Lol 

I really hope he doesn't race Indy.

Why not Bruce ? Safety ? It'll be a great opportunity for Robby . There's danger on any form of racing . Hell there's danger just driving to and from to work or anywhere . 


The Indy ship sailed long ago. Robby has said it in numerous interviews.

Open wheel racing is flat out dangerous. Always has been and probably always will be. I lost interest in Indy cars when I was young. Very boring racing as far as I am concerned. Even though I worked for Dan Gurney in 1972 and 1973 things didn't change for me and his Gurney Eagles owned Indy car racing those years. They set new track records every time they took them out of the trailer. Once Bobby Unser upped the record by 19 MPH! Jerry Grant was the first Indy car to turn a 200 MPH lap. To me it was just another race shop job and I hoped they would get into racing anything with doors.

As others have pointed out Robby has stated he isn't interested in it anymore.

you can't 'just' show up at Indy and race. So I'd guess not so much

I dont think he would try unless he thought he could win.


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