Tonight - Friday, April 25 @ 8:00 PM ET on MAVTV

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Good for Dave. He got screwed ten ways to Sunday at SPEED.

Good to hear that DD is back on TV just wish I got MAVTV, +1 WJM on Dave getting screwed by SPEED, but the writing was on the wall when SPEED went full nascar all the time. I remember Dave talking on his show or interview(can't remember) how nascar exec. thought they could just come down and tell him not to talk or say negative things about nascar on his show. Needless to say Dave told them to pack sand. The death nail in his show WINDTUNNEL was cutting out the viewer calls, in my opinion the viewer calls on WINDTUNNEL which followed NASCAR Victory lane, Speed Center made the hosts and commentators on those shows look like paid hacks on nascars payroll. You had actual fans calling in saying some of this nascar crap is bullshit and Dave would explain why they might be rite. I hope I can catch his show on the net.

It will probably show up on the web at some point. The first show was John Force, always a good interview but even better with Dave doing the interview. I'm really looking forward to the upcoming Dan Gurney show as he was my very first racing hero nearly 50 years ago.
Here's my all time favorite clip of Dave -

Despain Classic! I hope the folks at MavTV let him roam without a leash.

I remember that show. Couldn't believe it. Great stuff.

Thanks Will, yes I will be watching !

One of the top 3 most knowledgeable motorsports hosts on tv . Glad to see him back . He always gave Robby a fair shake and really got what offroad and Dakar racing was all about . One of the few guys on SPEEDCHANNEL that didn't drink the NASCRAP coolaid . WELCOME BACK DAVE ! We missed ya . Can I get a Bobblehead lol ?

Mav Tv ??? we have SHIT TV..............Time Warber Blows. If the chicks at the office aren't drooling over me the damn Corp asses are cutting channels and if know a few years ago this idiotic digital box would go into "update" at 2 in the morning or whatever during the DAKAR coverage. Dave Despaine huh?.............Im lookin I LOVED ol DAVE from snipets to full blown pole dances. He's like Paul Harvey.....or Howard Cosell.....or that King guy....Larry right? I'd be walkin around Watkins Glen with a pariscope scanning the crowd cause I heard a rumor he was there. I called into his show one time and was on call-hold when ball lightning came in the window....(I'm not that brave) He'll be all over the SST/Speed Energy/Traxxas i'm sure............been a lomg time since...........anyway Awsome

IMO, I'm thinking Dave is having to do a scripted show . That's too bad. Still love the guy.


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