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I’m still gonna watch I’m rooting for Martin Prokop cause you all know I’m a Ford Guy -

USA.....Bikes (5) Cars (1)

here's some Bryce Menzies stuff

I do like how Bryce says he's HEALTH, good to go , and he's wear a brace on his wrist ,Sarcasm (most likely recovering from a fractured navicular, a very common fracture for motorcycle road racers and skiers, and drivers that don't use Danica's hand's off the steering wheel when you hit the fence technic)

Thank you. The first link for Lyndon Poskitt's was fun to follow.

Yeah Red Bull TV has some great stuff already
Anyone get th feeling Bryce has no idea what's in store? I saw him complaining about the Silk Road but this is gonna be nuts with top notch drivers.

You couldn't be more accurate .... OUT after 6km today lol

BTW, you always need to root for the crazy twins.


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