I asked the question Sunday at the SST Costa Mesa fairgrounds to Robby "will you be at Dakar 2014" His answer was "YES". His look was serious with his response - eye contact was made. I have been following Robby for years. Look out Dakar, he had the that liittle smirk/smile. This will make January exciting for sure.

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IMO, the Ford would be a poor choice,unless Ford was paying the bill and you where'nt going to win.
Chevrolet LS7 is the best 'production' choice.thats also the engine is the SST's.

actually I was going to ask but he looked very vry tired and pissed lol, just said hi ,he said hi shook hands but its kind of hard with all the screaming fans pushing trying to get an autograph

One would have been the answer. Did you meet TOG?
Great vid I just subscribed to your channel .

This cool! From Twitter. Dakar promo!

Nasser Al-Attiyah to race the 2014 Dakar with X-raid

Do you think RGs held in the highest regard? From the Dakar Twitter site!

Love it. Dakar just posted carlos's ride on FB. It is a SMG.
Dakar reporting a smaller version of the Hummer, interesting.

Makes sense to me to stick with a Hummer in one respect. He has legends of fans in South America that tie his name to Hummer. I know some drivers switch brands every few years, but they don't have the fan base that Robby has. While GM no longer builds Hummers there are 3 different companies in China making clones of it.

In the photos that have surfaced it looks like an SUV without the rear body section. It's not a pick up truck to me

or is it more Traxxas Slash?

Maybe. Even so the people in SA will probably call it a Hummer.


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