I asked the question Sunday at the SST Costa Mesa fairgrounds to Robby "will you be at Dakar 2014" His answer was "YES". His look was serious with his response - eye contact was made. I have been following Robby for years. Look out Dakar, he had the that liittle smirk/smile. This will make January exciting for sure.

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I'm telling ya we are all in for a BIG surprise . I just get the feeling Robby has something AWESOME up his sleeve .

Thats it,I have to go to the shop to pick up our Speed for the rink real soon,, lol.

I think sst truck to kick minis ass

If Robby made eye contact, then he really means business. A SST truck built strong for endurance racing would be pretty cool for marketing the SST program. Robby better hit the gym, cos he is going to get beat up on short wheel base truck versus what he had on the hummer.

I just don't see a new Dakar race car being even remotely close to the SST trucks. RG has years of developing and improving the rear engine long suspension cars. The rear or even a mid engine design works well in this type of race. The Trophy Trucks have shown that they don't work that well. An SST truck wouldn't be any different.

Wouldn't mid-engine long travel be SSTish? Just say'n

Mid-engine, short wheel base will be a lot quicker in the WRC stuff than the hummer. Long travel good for yumps, but still nervous about robby flipping the short wheel base when he is in Gas on mode.

not sure where I saw it would or might be sst base, what ever that means but that was along time ago so not too sure

Most of the 2014 DAKAR is WRCish

If that is the case then it could be a game changer I guess.

the course stage map is on the DAKAR's site.I did the goggle earth vs map vs previous years courses over a month ago. IMO a rear engine rig (aka old HUMMER's) are not the winning
Two wheel drive combination just based on history.

Ya, I looked up Google earth too and there's really no big bumps in this upcoming course...LOL


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