RGM's schedule has been packed full of racing so far with Dakar, Baja, SST and more...there's a break on the schedule this year and it falls on the Cup weekend for Sonoma...

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If he raced I for sure would go (I will be there anyway). Unfortunately for Robby the sport has changed so much there are few rides with established teams for a road course expert. I can't see RGM constructing a cup car with the current generation specifications for one race.

Robby has stated he would sub for a top team if (road race only) their primary driver was out of the car due to injury.My memory says that scenario came close to happening.

Well I just got an invite from my son for Watkins Glen cup race. Maybe he can get a Gibbs chassis lined up by August.

1) Go on a hunting trip with Childress.....even a Rabbit hunt. A few beers and a frendly card game and .........
2) Pull a Tanya Harding a week before the race and.................
3) The money tree should be in full bloom by then and.........
d) Yes ...d) and.....

Michael I think I need a decoder for your posts...Only options I have available are English and Spanish...think yours is unlisted.

Robby should have sponsor cash flow,an RCR driver get's hurt, Robby get's a roady ride. That is what me decoder came up with

Gotcha! I've struggled for years decifering Martinez... LOL!

all the could'a,would'a,should'a, crap. Here's what's real. Baja 500 Qualifying on Thursday,Baja 500 is Saturday,TT's start around 10am/pt.X games is on ABC 2:00 pm/et. And the Planet will have 'CHAT' Saturday till the finish and Sunday for the X-games.

If Robby ends up in a Cup car one day...just remember haters your stance.

If he does it will be a one-off deal as a replacement.

Someone go give Harvick the Nancy Kerrigan special
Maybe Danica will get morning sickness lmao


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