Wanted to start a forum for members to post pictures and updates throughout the weekend.

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Thanks Brad . You know ill be thinking of y'all . Have fun and can't wait to see all the pics .
Wish you could of made it, the best to your family MJ
Thanks bud .
The family scored Speed at an APlus gas station in Ohio which was midway through our 900 mile journey to crandon.

How about an entry list?

I Agree........

Here's wishing all of ya a HAPPY LABOR DAY . Have a couple of Coronas and a few SPEEDS for me . I wish I was there with ya all . For any of ya new to Crandon my fav spot to sit is over toward the barn . As your looking at the track from left to right it'll be towards the right . Also make sure you have 1 of Crandon's famous Brats .

Justin Lofton ‏@jlracing 4m
Phone is duct tapped to the console how about that @keselowski? @SSuperTrucks @J6ink #Crandon pic.twitter.com/zgPyMaqbjZ

Whetting my appetite with this lol
Sorry wasn't paying attention was to busy cheering on lofton caught the last of the pack during the parade.https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nkrgmaNF7Xg&feature=youtube_gda...

Brad, your videos are set to private.


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