News broke from Rick Hendrick that they could have a new sponsor for Dale Jr soon that would be a 2 year deal. Hendrick hinted they had opportunities earlier but they conflicted with current sponsors (supposively AMP/Mtn Dew) "we're looking to the future" (meaning if they pay more and commit longer we're moving on), National Guard is also under fire about it's sponsorship involvement. Rumors leaked this past weekend that Monster Energy could return to Nascar. With the success Kyle & Kurt have brought the energy drink maker, they believe having the "Most Popular Driver" in Nascar could be just what they need. With rival Red Bull out of the sport and the many other energy drinks all but dried up from the sport, Monster could make a splash with Jr Nation. Monster seems happy and would likely continue their sponsorship with Kyle & Kurt Busch in the Natiowide Series. Monster continues to make strides to dethrone Red Bull with marketshares. Monster has made huge gains in the X-Games and other extreme sports. After Red Bull got out of Nascar with Khane & Vickers, Monster followed with stopping it's Nascar sponsorship of Robby Gordon. Monster re-entered the sport at the lower level with Kyle Busch and brother Kurt and has seen a huge return.

Fan Concept...

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No comment...

Do I really have to comment lol ?

Monster will never dethronr red bull !! lmao.. And I dont even like it lol.Thank God for SPEED..

I agree!

I am baffled at how much money Red Bull throws around in owning big league race teams and sponsorship in general. There's no way they sell that much product. I understand that the United States isn't the center of the universe, but I never see people drinking Red Bull around here. Most people in my area drink Rockstar and Monster. I keep trying to convert them to Speed.

This should explain alot . The original founder of Red Bull was a BILLIONAIRE !
( From Wikipedia )
Chaleo Yoovidhya, the self-made Thai billionaire founded T.C. Pharmaceuticals. In 1976, it was first introduced in Thailand under brand called Krating Daeng, or Red Bull in English. It was popular among Thai truck drivers and laborers.

fun fact! lol


Guess the saying " if you wanna make a million in racing , start out with a billion " rings true lol

I always liked that quote about money and racing. Was it Felix Sabates that said the similar, "If you want to make a small fortune in racing, start with a large one."

Was it Felix ?, I have always been intrigued by his story.....


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