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Running the Planet for the Dakar costs $$$. This will be the premier site for the Gordini loving fans. I know this year will be no different. In fact I know this site is going to blow up!!!!

I just clicked and threw in a few for TOG. I hope others can as well.

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note the 2016 button is now alive!

Most of the new (or for that matter regular) visitors to PR don't realize there is a cost to run the site. The difficult part of a site like PR is most of the usage occurs during the Dakar. The bandwidth costs are a real killer during the Dakar.

TOG foots the bill for it. He does it because, like us, he is a fan of RG and his whole organization.

You will notice that there are very few ads on the site. As a fellow member I ask if you can spare a few bucks kick it TOGs way. If you see a sponsor link, click on it and support the site.

18% is too little.

Thanks Eric (aka 7gason7)
P.S. I am not affiliated with the site I am just a member like you.

Done and they take pay pal ... Admin you should put a pay pal logo there. Might get a few more donations if people know they don't have to drag out the credit card or check book and enter a bunch of numbers.

I think I copied the link to the original post.

where is the button?

Speedy thank you left column on main page <-----

I am already a member and pay monthly but is Tatanka sponsoring again? Love that stuff and would order a 2016 Dakar version if available and supporting The Planet.

She's a little slow on the graphics today. There must be a ton of users logging on to see the Gordini roar to the top. TOG any idea on the site load today?

Donation sent!

Thank you everyone for a 7% shift in the goal. As I have stated before I am not affiliated with the site. I am a regular user. I do however find myself here often and would truly miss it if it went away. This is a great fan site for one of the most exciting (and sometimes controversial) drivers in the world. TOG and the moderators do a great job and I hope we can keep this going until they relaunch as PlanetMax.com lol

May be sooner than you think.

Kids got skills.


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